Want to Grow Your Business?
Hire, Train & Retain a Top Notch Team?
But are NOT READY to Build an HR Department?

EMT is Your Solution

The Employee Management Team, or EMT for short, will Analyze, Evaluate & Present YOUR Best Outsourcing Options for HR,  Payroll, Benefits, Worker’s Comp, and Compliance – FREE of Charge!

Why Choose EMT…
25 Years of Experience in the HR Outsourcing World!

EMT cuts through the jargon, analyzes your business needs, presents you with solutions, clearly explains the operating benefits and financial impact on your business for any outsourcing opportunity, at no cost to you.

Take full advantage of new opportunities of growth for your business, while eliminating HR activity risk!

What We Do

Consulting FREE of Charge

Step 1: We meet to gain a full understanding of your current HR situation and workflow.

Step 2: We examine all economically beneficial options such as a PEO, HR Consulting, payroll processing, and benefits management.

Step 3: We collect, analyze and compare quotations from providers that meet your requirements.

Step 4: We present our recommendations to you.

Your Benefits

FREE Professional Guidance with Outsourcing Decisions

Reduce Labor Costs, Minimize Risks & Boost Your Bottom Line

Free Up Valuable Time to Focus on Growing Your Business

Benefit from the most technologically advanced platforms available for services you know you need but don’t think you can afford.

Call 941-504-3489 Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation!

Our Leadership – Rick Ratner

As the co-founder of one of the very first Professional Employer Organizations (Modern Employers in 1984), Rick Ratner knows PEOs. After successfully growing MEI into one to the country’s larger PEOs, Rick and his partners sold MEI to Selective Insurance Company of New Jersey in 1999. Today Rick is supplying his 25 years of experience to SMBs that wish or need to consider outsourcing non-productive elements of their business.

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