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Welcome to the EMT Client Dashboard.  Here you will find resources available to you and your employees. Click the links below to access a suite of forms relative to your employee activities.

PLEASE NOTE that all forms must first be downloaded to your computer. You may then complete each form and either fax or scan/email them to us.  Most forms are pre-fillable for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.  We are always available to help!

PreHire Forms:  Includes applications for employment, interview questions, sample letter of intentions, application background checks, etc.

New Employee Forms:  Includes all forms required in order for us to enter your new employee into your payroll system.

Payroll Forms:  Includes all forms authorizing direct deposit, employee status changes and employment action form.

Workers Compensation Forms:  Includes all forms to report an injury, authorize or deny coverage.

Employer Relations Forms:  Includes employee disciplinary forms, leave request forms and written warning forms.

Performance Review Forms:  Includes Employer performance action forms and employee action forms.

FMLA Forms:  Includes all forms relating to Family and Medical Leave Act – APPLIES TO 50 OR MORE EMPLOYEES ONLY

Termination Forms:  Includes termination letters, termination checklist and exit interview forms.


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