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The HR Services Outsourcing Solution

The Employee Management Team, or EMT for short, is an HR Services firm, dedicated to guiding employers to consider, evaluate and implement the right decisions in outsourcing non-productive elements of their businesses to a PEO or other type of dedicated service provider.

Why emt…

So you can do the work you want to be doing. Most of us got into our business out of passion for a type of work, idea, or opportunity and then found ourselves doing far less of what we love and a lot more of what we don’t – insurance, worker’s comp and unemployment claims, employee benefits, payroll taxes, assistance in hiring and firing and more. Moreover, if you don’t have outstanding talent working on non-productive elements, you risk exposures that could require additional time and money to solve. It is a small miracle you actually get any “real work” done. This is where the Employee Management Team comes in. The Employee Management Team is your HR Services solution for the southwest coastal area incorporating Fort Myers, Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa.

What We Do

Consulting - Free of Charge

What do we mean by FREE of Charge? We meet with our small & medium sized business prospect to gain a full understanding of their current HR situation and workflow. Next, we examine all of the options that are available and economically beneficial; such as a PEO, HR Consulting, payroll processing, and benefits management. Next, we choose the best option(s) and collect quotations from providers that meet our requirements. Finally, we present our recommendations for the best service providers.

How We Differ

EMT is your preferred solution because we effectively consult with our prospect to translate industry jargon into real business speak and clearly explain the operating benefits and financial impact on your business for any outsourcing opportunity. Our 25 years of experience and genuine concern for small and medium-sized businesses is designed to provide a new opportunity for growth while eliminating HR activity risk. Moreover, we provide all of this without a fee.

Our Leadership – Rick Ratner

As the co-founder of one of the very first Professional Employer Organizations (Modern Employers in 1984), Rick Ratner knows PEOs. After successfully growing MEI into one to the country’s larger PEOs, Rick and his partners sold MEI to Selective Insurance Company of New Jersey in 1999. Today Rick is supplying his 25 years of experience to SMBs that wish or need to consider outsourcing non-productive elements of their business.

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